Welcome to the Keating Group Offices at 39922 Bloomfield Road in Burlington, Wisconsin.  Kevin and Keith Keating chose this location for it's proximity to the Lake area that includes Powers Lake, Twin Lakes and Lake Geneva.  The building is a barn that dates back to the year 1900.  Keating Home Builders has transformed the barn into a spacious and unique office setting and currently houses Keating Real Estate, Keating Home Builders, Keating Law and Wisconsin-Illinois Title LLC as well as the Powers Lake U.S. Post Office.  Kevin and Keith wanted to make the office space a comfortable work environment as well as a show place for some of the unique choices you will find in the home building arena.  In a sense, the building is a showplace of custom cabinetry, unique flooring, lighting options and hardware.  The office also highlights Keating Home Builders expertise in the remodeling arena witnessed by incorporating the original beam structure into the overall plan of the office setting.  Stop by to visit and see the Keating Home Builders office.